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Applying for funding - and our LinkedIn ideas space

At Lloyd’s Register Foundation our approach to grant making is that we direct most of our funding. This means that we search for and select the most appropriate partner and route to impact, in consultation with our community and based on evidence and insight of what the challenges are, where our focus should be, and what are the most effective solutions.
We know that we must also retain the flexibility to fund unexpected and new ideas that help to fulfil our mission. If you have an idea you would like to put to us, we invite you to join our LinkedIn ideas group. If, after discussion, we think it is an area we’d like to explore further, we may invite you to apply. Join the group now to get involved in the conversation.
We continue to invite applications through specific open, competitive calls and our small grants scheme, below.


Call for proposals:  

Lloyd's Register Foundation Turning the 2021 World Risk Poll into action.


Call 1/2022: 

World Risk Poll 2021: A Changed World? Perceptions and experiences of risk in the Covid age


Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) is inviting proposals for impactful research and interventions that will increase the utility and influence of data generated by the 2021 World Risk Poll Findings around global perceptions and experiences of risk in the Covid age. This call is the first in a series of four calls linked to separate focus areas of the 2021 Poll. The next three funding opportunities opening between September and November will be associated with Poll findings around disaster resilience, violence and harassment at work and trust in AI/Data respectively. We also welcome proposals which use data and findings from more than one of these focus areas.  You can access the dataset related to this call here, or email to request early access to the full 2021 World Risk Poll dataset.

This call invites proposals from anywhere in the world to use the data to support impactful projects which are analytical or interventions-based, with the aim of improving safety among at-risk demographic groups across the LRF mission-aligned safety challenges.

A grant of up to £250,000 is available per project. You should ask for a level and duration of funding that’s justifiable for your proposed research/ intervention.

The deadline for applications is

  • Monday 12 December 2022


We are tidying up our grants management. If you started any application form before 1 October 2019 but did not submit it, we have deleted it. Any applications not submitted will be deleted after 6 months.