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Welcome to the Foundation's grant portal

Connecting safety, science and society

We support work which helps us deliver our charitable mission and objectives, through addressing relevant challenges and making a distinctive difference. Find out how some of our larger grants are making an impact on society.


Applying for funding - and our LinkedIn ideas space

At Lloyd’s Register Foundation our approach to grant making is that we direct most of our funding. This means that we search for and select the most appropriate partner and route to impact, in consultation with our community and based on evidence and insight of what the challenges are, where our focus should be, and what are the most effective solutions.
We know that we must also retain the flexibility to fund unexpected and new ideas that help to fulfil our mission. If you have an idea you would like to put to us, we invite you to join our LinkedIn ideas group. If, after discussion, we think it is an area we’d like to explore further, we may invite you to apply. Join the group now to get involved in the conversation.
We continue to invite applications through specific open, competitive calls and our small grants scheme, below.


Lloyd's Register Foundation Small Grants scheme - for grants up to £10,000 GBP for organisations.

This form is for completing your application for a grant up to the value above. 

The ethos of the Lloyd's Register Foundation small grants scheme is "a little can go a long way".  Through this scheme the Foundation is making funds available to:

  1. Initiate, build or consolidate partnerships with an array of organisations in relevant sectors, e.g. policy, practitioner, industrial, commercial, and community.
  2. Test out ideas through pilot studies, proof of concept projects or activities targeting policy, business and the third sector

We will consider applications:

  • with a potential to lead on to future collaborations, clear knowledge exchange or to create/accelerate impact
  • for projects or activities lasting no more than 12 months

We will not consider applications for:

  • work which is not within the Foundation's mission
  • One off events, conferences or activities which only directly benefit the applicant
  • capital works
  • infrastructure
  • school, college or university fees
  • retrospective funding
  • lobbying and campaigning
  • business / first-class travel
  • funding for a component of an already-funded project (such as journal publication costs, additional travel, sub-projects)


The deadline for applications is

  • Monday 15 MAY 2023 

Applications must be received no later than 23.59 hours on the deadline

If you are successful, when your activity is finished you will have to submit a report telling us how you have spent the grant and what difference it has made.

We will not enter into any dialogue with applicants regarding their application, either before you submit or if your application has been rejected.


Are you part of our Alumni Network?  - Apply for NEST funding

Our Network to Engineering a Safer Tomorrow (NEST) programme enables past, present and future Foundation grant beneficiaries on the platform to apply for up to £2000 of funding to further develop their skills and careers.

Members of NEST can apply for training courses, attend conferences and workshops or apply for funding of various activities that are in scope and aligned with the Foundation’s mission space.

The NEST funding will be available to all NEST members to apply from Monday 16th January 2023 and will be open throughout the year.  

If you are a Foundation grant beneficiary and are not registered to the NEST platform, please register here to be eligible to apply for funding.